Got links?

If you have an interesting link that ties in to the theme of this meme, post it in comments and I'll check it out. I am NOT interested in posting links to porn photos/sites, so don't go there please. Anything else, send it along. :)


Blogger Oº°‘¨t®ãg‘°ºO said...

I don't know why. I googled TMI in a fit of boredom. This came up:
TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas

It made me snicker. A lot.

11:37 PM  
Blogger Sir Dirty Joke said...

what does TMI stand for?

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

How about this Lizzie?
New TSA restrictions and sex toys: whither the lube?
Sorry, too tired to create a hyper-link!

8:10 AM  
Anonymous canadianpleasure said...

could we add our link

2:34 AM  

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